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Published on Monday, December 15, 2014

Behind the Scenes: BJC Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

The providers of BJC Sports Medicine and Orthopedics recently starred in a commercial on Fox Sports Midwest. Get the behind the scenes scoop!

In case you missed it, see the commercial here. It aired at SIUE basketball games and on Fox Sports Midwest. We had an exclusive interview with one of the video's "stars," Dr. Janiece Stewart. She specializes in sports medicine.

This was your first commercial. Did anything surprise you during the taping?

Yes.  I was surprised at how hard it was not to smile and laugh during the taping when we were supposed to have a serious expression.  It was also hard not to look at the camera.

Besides your moments in the spotlight, what's the best part of your job as a physician?
One of the best parts of my job is working with patients who take an active role in their recovery.  I see my role as a physician as a partnership with the patient to help diagnose their problem and provide guidance for them on how to get better.  Seeing the patients smile and be thankful for helping them get back to feeling 100% is extremely gratifying.
Tell us about working with SIUE athletes.
Working with the SIUE athletes has been an awesome experience!  The athletes are a very humble, dedicated, appreciative group of  smart young men and women.  Not only am I able to teach them about medicine and their injuries and have an active role in their rehabilitation process, but I have also been able to mentor some of them that are interested in medicine.  Not to mention, they keep me young by keeping me abreast of all of the trends in music, fashion, lingo, and college life!
The commercial showed a knee injury. What other types of injuries do you treat?
I treat most non-operative injuries to joints, muscle, bones, tendons, and ligaments. This includes not only knee injuries, but shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist as well as hip, ankle, and feet.  I also treat fractures and do small procedures with an ultrasound machine to help diagnose injuries and perform joint injections and aspirations.  If an injury requires a surgical opinion or surgery, I will request the assistance of my excellent orthopedic partner Dr. Aaron Omotola.

How can your fans find out more? 

We have office locations in both Alton and Edwardsville, Illinois. Call us at (618) 463-7600. Our providers are on staff at Alton Memorial Hospital.

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