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Published on Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Transition to Wellness helps Patient Avoid Hospitalization

Eugene and Ada Taylor meet with nurse practitioner Connie Douglas. Douglas leads the Transition to Wellness Center at Christian Hospital. Since beginning the program almost a year ago, Eugene has learned to better manage his kidney disease and has avoided hospitalization for the condition. 

The couple enjoys their relatively quiet life. She likes to read and take walks, and sometimes cook. As for Eugene, he’s a big fan of the Cardinals and Broncos, and he doesn’t miss a game on television. In fact, Ada jokes that maybe he enjoys those games just a little too much.

“I sometimes like to mess with him. One time while he was watching a game, I got him to agree to give me three thousand dollars,” she jokes.

Like many couples, Eugene and Ada have experienced increasing health concerns as they’ve gotten older.  Most notably, Eugene suffers kidney failure. He was admitted to the hospital multiple times for this condition.

After a few stays at Christian Hospital, a social worker visited their room to explain a new program at the hospital, The Transition to Wellness Center. The program was designed to help patients to improve their health and stay out of the hospital.

Eugene agreed to have a consultation. At the first consultation, the couple met with Connie Douglas, ANP-BC, the nurse practitioner who leads the Transition to Wellness Center.

“Right away, she didn’t seem like a stranger. She made us feel like we had known her forever, and we could tell her any problem and she would fix it,” says Ada.

Connie did a head-to-to exam and offered advice on how to manage Eugene’s condition. She taught Ada how to use herbs to cut down on Eugene’s salt intake, gave them a scale to monitor his weight, and educated them on the importance of each of his medications.

Meanwhile, Eugene had another visit to the hospital for a separate condition and needed to stay overnight for observation. Ada desperately wanted to stay by her husband’s side so she called Connie.

“Once I called Connie, she understood what we needed and made the necessary arrangements in five minutes.” Ada says. “Connie was always there for anything and everything that we needed.”

Since beginning the Transition to Wellness program almost a year ago, Eugene has not been hospitalized for his kidney disease and has learned how to better manage his disease.

“Eugene is one of my favorite success stories. Ada and Eugene actually listen and make the changes that we talk about,” says Connie. “I can educate patients all day, but they have to personally want to implement the healthy lifestyle in their everyday lives.”

Today, Eugene has lost almost 80 pounds and is feeling better.

“Connie makes you want to do better and be healthier,” says Eugene. 

The Transition to Wellness Center at Christian Hospital was started in 2013 to assist Medicare patients with a chronic disease after being discharged from the hospital.  Through relationships and education, patients work with the transition team to maintain their health and receive quality health care education. For more information, call 314-653-4275. 

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