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Published on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Having Confidence and Being Able to Confide in Your Doctor

Vinay Kamat, MD, explains why these two aspects are important pillars of the physician-patient relationship

Years ago, the primary care physician was like part of the family. Several generations would see the same family doctor for their illnesses and that doctor would probably remain at the same practice until he or she retired.

Today, doctors as well as patients move around more often. Patients aren’t getting to know their doctors as well and in most areas, have a long list of options to choose from. Patients also are able to access a lot of medical information online, allowing them to get an idea of what may be wrong with them before they ever set foot in a doctor’s office.  The patient-doctor dynamic has changed. The need for a good relationship between the two has not.

Earning patient confidence is vital. A successful relationship depends on a patient’s confidence in his or her doctor and their ability to confide important and sometimes sensitive information with them. I uphold these values because I have remained in the same area for more than twenty years.

Learn more about Dr. Kamat and his care philosophy through this video interview:

Vinay Kamat, MD, is a primary care physician at Barnes West Medical Consultants. He can be reached by calling 314.996.3434.

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