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Published on Monday, October 12, 2015

Avoiding Open Heart Surgery with the Help of a Newly Approved Heart Valve

BJC Medical Group physicians are a part of the team that is first in the region to use a heart valve within a failing heart valve

Arun Thukkani, MD, a structural cardiologist (far left) and Michael Klein, MD, a cardiovascular imaging specialist (second from right) are two  BJC Medical Group physicians who were a part of the team at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, which helped a patient avoid open heart surgery by way of a newly developed valve. 

The patient received a valve replacement 13 years ago and it was beginning to fail. Therefore, the team inserted the newly approved valve, by way of catheter, to assist the failing valve. This new valve is the smallest of its kind, which allowed for less invasive surgery and reduced the risks that come with open heart surgery in the elderly patient.

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Editor's Note: On Oct 19, 2015, the International Journal of Cardiology published a journal article about this topic that was submitted by Dr. Thukkani, Dr. Klein and others. The International Journal of Cardiology serves both practicing clinicians and research workers and has over 101,000 monthly downloads.

Arun Thukkani, MD, and Michael Klein, MD, are members of BJC Medical Group and are on staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. They are a part of the BJC Medical Group Cardiology practice and can be reached at 314.996.7190.

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